[Video]: Payment on Delivery


“Money is an incredibly stressful thing to talk about…” What are the rules when it comes to free work? Find out before you sign that contract. In fact, maybe you should get your own lawyer to have a look first. Yes, you might need to get a lawyer. Coming from the design world, agency director […]

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[Video]: The State of Cinema 2014


‘Given all the suffering in the world… what is art for? If the collected works of Shakespeare can’t prevent genocide, shouldn’t we be spending the time and resources alleviating this suffering instead of going to the movies and plays and art installations and plays?… ‘Art is inevitable. We are a species driven by narrative… we […]

How the Antagonist Affects Character Arc


We often think of the antagonist as an external obstacle to our protagonist’s forward motion. by K.M. Weiland The antagonist is usually a physical entity, something standing in the way of our protagonists’ ability to achieve their physical goals and perhaps even threatening our protagonists’ lives or their physical well-being. Consequently, it can be easy […]

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[Video]: David Cage’s Mind Games


‘The purpose of storytelling was to avoid pain… to limit pain… and to give meaning.’ As film studios increasingly live or die by whether or not they can conjure blockbusters, they turn to other mediums for fresh material (and pre-existing fan-bases). At the same time, the sophistication and mainstream appeal of gaming culture has finally […]

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