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To be a working screenwriter, one needs to write AND sell.

Your Screenplay Will NOT Pay You Millions [About Hope and Hype]


Earlier this month, Seth Godin published a blog post that resonated with me. A piece so sharp and pertinent, I decided to translate it to screenwriting. (It was originally about Harper Lee) “[Screenwriting Genius X] is a legend and a genius. She’s also the exception that proves the rule, twice. Rule 1 – Screenplay Hope Rule 1: Your […]

Screenwriting Competitions Are Worth More Than You Think


Google “screenwriting competitions” and you will get a bazillion links to all kinds of articles on the subject. by Phillip Parker Most will tell you that there are only half a dozen or so that are worth the price of admission- The Nicholl Fellowships, the Austin Screenwriter’s Festival, Scriptpipeline, the Page Awards, Zoetrope, Big Break, […]