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When we find good stuff for screenwriters, we pass it on. If the news is breaking or time-sensitive we re-publish immediately, otherwise check the weekly digest.

Best of the Web 19 Oct


Script Perfection :: Patience is a Screenwriter’s Best Friend :: Christina Welsh Talks Co-Writing ‘Addicted’ Screenplay :: Why Frustrated Novelists Hate the Screenplay Pitching & Selling :: Screenwriter Turning Ghana’s World Cup Money Ordeal into Hollywood thriller Best of the Rest :: New HARRY POTTER Spinoff Series Could Be More than Just a Trilogy :: […]

Best of the Web 12 Oct


Story & Structure :: From Script To Screen: Ridley Scott’s Prometheus :: Every Adaptation Should Be an Original! Script Perfection :: When The King speaks, I listen. :: Giving Authors a Shot at the Screenplay Pitching & Selling :: It’s time to Crash the Super Bowl! :: How An iPhone Salesman Rebooted I Am Legend […]

Best of the Web 5 Oct


Story & Structure :: “Action Comes From Drama, and Drama is Conflict: What’s the Conflict?” :: Gordy Hoffman of BlueCat Talks What Makes a Story Great Script Perfection :: Expert Advice on Unpacking Your Comedic Screenwriting Toolbox :: The Art of Screenwriting :: 10 Distinctive Voices In Film :: ‘Forrest Gump’ screenwriter Eric Roth uses […]

Best of the Web 21 Sep


Story & Structure :: Grant Morrison Exposes The Mechanisms of Hollywood Screenwriting Script Perfection :: 10 Screenwriting Tips From Billy Wilder :: Interview with Veteran Screenwriter John Fusco :: McKee About Cinema, Breaking Bad and Other TV Best of the Rest :: Otto Preminger’s Film Noir ‘Laura’ :: 2014 Scriptapalooza Winners :: Goldman Bio “Cursorily […]

Best of the Web 14 Sep


Story & Structure :: Unlikable Heroes and Genre Expectations :: Scriptnotes, Ep 160: A Screenwriter’s Guide to the End of the World Script Perfection :: Tips on Finding & Working with Your Screenwriting Soulmate :: Why We Identify with Mutants :: Photo: Alfred Hitchcock on Fear. Pitching & Selling :: Film Independent Selects 9 Projects […]

Best of the Web 7 Sept


Story & Structure :: If I Stay, Review :: Carpenter, Cronenberg, and Landis on horror (1982) :: How To Write a Screenplay in Six Weeks Script Perfection :: What Does “Hitting The Ground Running” Mean In Screenwriting? :: 5 Reasons You Haven’t Taken Advantage of Your Writing Routine :: “Acting out a character brings a […]

Best of the Web 31 Aug


Story & Structure :: Texting in Film and Television :: Amateur Friday – Black Autumn Script Perfection :: Scriptnotes, Ep 159: The Mystery of the Disappearing Articles :: On Trust, Drama and Corporations :: Guest Writer/Director David Jung Pitching & Selling :: I’ve Written A Screenplay. Now What? :: Putting a Price On It Best […]