What You’re Up Against

I thought I should give you a flavour of the competition, for when you’re feeling a bit down. Below is the copy of an actual query letter I received. (names and titles have been changed to protect the innocent) Perhaps after all you are not doing such a bad job selling your script.


The Story Revolution

Nafa – Choctops Meeting: 18/2/08 (Report by John Haly, Thank you to Tony Chu) Karel -a Belgian producer and script consultant – founded OZZYWOOD Films and The Story Department (which is a unique Australian blog and online resource for screen story theory). Karel headed production and programming at London’s Digital Broadcasting Company and was a film buyer for CANAL+, (Europe’s …

How important are format and style?

The first step for many aspiring screenwriters is to purchase a piece of pricey screenwriting software. Some call it retail therapy. You are not a screenwriter until you have made that sacrifice, until you have invested money in your career, right? I call it a waste of $250. Your first draft should be a quick and dirty braindump. “Don’t get …