Mental Spackle

Spackle |ˈspakəl| Noun: A compound used to fill cracks in plaster and produce a smooth surface. What is ‘mental spackle’? Merrel Davis explains how to ensure you fill all the gaps in your script. Mental Spackle is a term I’ve coined to describe what the mind of a writer does when revising. As you go through each change, shift scenes, …


OZ Filmers: “If they only loved us.”

Why don’t the majority of Australian films attract Australian audiences? Metro Screen in Sydney threw down the gauntlet before a panel of industry players, while Dominic Case picked through the shifting and diverse opinions. “We are a lying, hypocritical, duplicitous group”, says Tony Ginnane, giving the audience the results of his mature reflection on an industry he has inhabited longer …


Screenwriting Best of the Web 25/10/09

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