Video: Swan Lake Themes

Black Swan is not my favorite movie of the year and it’s not my favorite Aranovsky either but he knows his ‘metier’ and the movie looks fantastic. Here Aranovsky, writer Mark Heyman and Natalie Portman talk about their work on the film. With thanks to Louise Lee Mei and Niels Abercrombie.


Interview: Sydney Field (3)

Syd Field was the first true screenwriting guru and his book Screenplay is still a standard, more than thirty years after its initial publication. During his first visit to the city with his name, we interviewed him about his career and craft. Final Part, continued from Part 2 Interview: Karel Segers, David Trendall and Niels Abercrombie With thanks to Screen …


Structure: District 9

I have huge respect for filmmakers who make a statement about the world – or even want to change the world – by using metaphors. District 9 is a South-African film about apartheid. Millions have seen it all over the world … and enjoyed it. You may argue that Blomkamp hasn’t changed the world with his film but I disagree. …