[Video]: THR Producer Roundtable

‘Everything that could go wrong was going wrong, I was sort of dead man walking in Hollywood, like, yeah that guy’s getting fired… and on the other hand, everything about the movie was great… the only decision I ever really made was to say ‘keep going.’ That our only hope of coming out alive was to make a great movie… …


What Makes A GREAT Character [and it’s not what you think].

Great Character: The Bride in Kill Bill

How to create a great character. The holy grail for the beginning screenwriter. Yet, when you listen to the gurus, it sounds so simple. Once you have a few scripts under your belt, you will realise how difficult it can be. Great characters are essential to an engaging sellable story. This is true for the movies, and even more for TV. Now, the character we are going to …


Three Magical Writing Exercises For Screenwriters

screenwriting exercises

While you’re stuck, it may be an idea to just do a writing exercise, without the pressure of having to come up with new material. This is all about honing your skills, and creating the right habits for when the creative juices explode again.