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Story & Structure

:: Hook Them From The First Line
:: A Failure To Communicate
:: Make Your Relationships in Action Films Count
:: Important Considerations When Deciding Your Core Concept
:: Get to Know Your Characters by Interviewing Them
:: Screenplay Review: Dark Harbor. Keep it Thrilling, But Make Us Believe

Script Perfection

:: Make The Evil Likable
:: Should You Read What You Write?
:: How Important Are ‘Script Rules’
:: Palahniuk Gave Me Another Rule for Write Club
:: How James Cameron Immersed Us in Avatar With a Purposeful Scene Description
:: Who Doesn’t Love a Pie In The Face?

Pitching & Selling

:: Write a Script That Will Win Contests And Help You Rule The World
:: Why Feedback is Critical for You (and Me)
:: The Definitive Spec Script Sales List 1991
:: Screenwriting News From This Week

Best of the Rest

:: ‘Where Do Ideas Come From?’
:: The Late Ray Bradbury Talks Inspiration and Advice
:: Exciting Debut Trailer For Django Unchained
10 Best Changes Game of Thrones: From Book to Screen
Portait of Writer, Abi Morgan (Shame, The Iron Lady)
Balance ‘Artist-You’ with ‘Goal-Orientated-You’

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