Best of the Web 10 Mar

Story & Structure

:: Writing a Scene in 11 Steps
:: V.O: A Christmas Story
:: Enhancing Your Story
:: Character is the Basis of Story Structure
:: The Happy Ending
:: Flashbacks: Casablanca
:: Flashbacks: Once Upon a Time in the West
:: The Unlikable Protagonist
:: Screenplay Review: The Conjuring
:: Building the World of Your Screenplay: Your First 10 Pages

Script Perfection

:: Screenwriting Tip #1215
:: First Step In Writing A Screenplay by Richard Walter
:: Changing Screenplay Genres and ‘My Blue Heaven’
:: Scriptnotes Podcast 79
:: You Need the Truth
:: The Worst Feedback Is Indifference
:: Ten Points to Ponder When You Write
:: How To Write a Blockbuster
:: 10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From Jaws
:: Solving a Writer’s Nightmare
:: 10,000 Hours of Practice

Pitching & Selling

:: To Option or Not to Option Your Screenplay?
:: Interview: Justin Kremer 2012 Black List
:: How Bad Do You Want It!
:: The Top l0 Lame-O Excuses For Why You Can’t Sell Your Screenplay
:: The Screenwriting Agent Game
:: 10 Tips to Prepare for Opportunities When They Knock
:: How (and Where) Should I Pitch My TV Show?

Best of the Rest

:: Meet the Creators of The Good Wife
:: Star Wars Ep 7 as if Directed by Michael Haneke
:: Reviews: Jack The Giant Slayer and Stoker
:: Idea Theft – Threat or Myth?
:: Mercifully Short Review: In The House
:: Grab Life by the Here and Nows
:: Secrets and Metaphors in Titan A.E. Revealed
The Best Happy Endings
:: Hangover Part 3 Trailer
:: National Grammar Day

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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