Best of the Web 12 Aug

Story & Structure

:: Create A Compelling Protagonist
:: Is Your Hero Wrong?
:: Are We Hardwired to Interpret the World Through Stories
:: Inception Breakdown
:: How To Write A Treatment
:: Some Winning Synopsis’s
:: ‘The Storytelling Animal,’ by Jonathan Gottschall

Script Perfection

:: 100 Exquisite Adjectives
:: Screenwriting Tip #1069 – Readability
:: Scriptcat’s Top Ten Questions For Aspiring Screenwriters

Pitching & Selling

:: Does Hollywood not Care about Scripts that are Bad and Unoriginal?
:: The Difficult Challenge of Media Alignment

Best of the Rest

:: The Dark Knight Custom-Made Batcave Theatre
:: Interview: ‘Klown’ Writers/Stars Frank Hvam & Casper Christensen
:: 10 Films to look out for at the Toronto Film
:: 8 Tips For Becoming a Good Warm-Up Guy
:: How They Write A Script: Wendell Mayes
Your Favorite Films from your Favorite Film Makers
:: More Your Favourite Filmmakers’ Favourite Films
:: Awesome People Reading
:: My Favourite Hitchcock: Rebecca

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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Jamie Campbell is an author, screenwriter, and television addict.Jamie is proud to be an Editor for The Story Department.Her latest series Project Integrate is out now.

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  1. “Synopses” aaarrrghhhh– talk about kiboshing your own legitimacy — at least spell things right/ understand the use of the possessive apostrophe versus the plural noun if you’re going to present yourself (yourselves) as writing gurus.

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