Best of the Web 12 May

Story & Structure

:: Writing Concepts First
:: How Much Can I Assume My Audience Knows About The Classics?
:: 10 Screenwriting Tips You Can Learn From Meet The Parents
:: Tax Driver 2: Opening Scene

Script Perfection

:: Writing Habits
:: The Primacy of Theme | Searching for Charlie Kaufman
:: The Little Self Editor
:: FilmAid Broadcast Part 3 – Damon Lindelof
:: Writer’s Nightmare
:: Writer Fears – I’m Not Good Enough
:: Learn How To Fail

Pitching & Selling

:: Can Networking Help You as an Author?
:: Independents : 25 Ways to Kick-Start Your Screenwriting Career
:: Makings of a Marketable Screenplay
:: Interview: Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg – Part 1 (sold 3 specs in 2 years)

Best of the Rest

:: Video Interview: David Simon ( The Wire) and Matt Weiner (Mad Men)
:: Breaking the Bank for a Blockbuster
:: By Ken Levine: I Won’t Give Zach Braff One Dime
:: Movie Review – Iron Man 3
:: Thor: The Dark World – Trailer
:: Jurassic Park IV Placed on Indefinite Hold
:: Mini Review – Spring Breakers
:: Mini Review – The Place Beyond the Pines

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