Best of the Web 14 April

Story & Structure

:: How To Structure a Story: The Eight-Point Arc
:: Character Types – Neanderthal to Alien
:: Great Scene: ‘Halloween’
:: Trilogy building: Story mapping the Halo-verse Part 1
:: The Magic of World Building
:: Writing Exposition and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’
:: Amateur Friday: ‘Home For The Holidays’ Review
:: Screenplay Review – ’42’
:: Screenplay Review – ‘Hey Stella’
:: Structure and Breaking In: An Interview with Syd Field
:: Everything You Want to Know About Specs

Script Perfection

:: Coping With Comedy Writer Depression
:: What’s Your Character’s Deal Breaker?
:: Rewriting and/or Writing Scenes Can Be Fun (I Hope)
:: The Smoking Gun, Part 2
:: Placing Fictional Characters Into Real History
:: Passion vs. Desire
:: Scriptnotes Episode 84: First Sale and Funny on The Page
:: Write What You Know for Screenwriting Success
:: 10 Screenwriting Mistakes to Avoid via John Carter
:: Is Drama Really One of the Genre Types?
:: Amateur Smackdown – The Turning Point
:: Self Esteem and Avant-Garde Cinema

Pitching & Selling

:: Pitching Insights & Tips For Before You Submit Your Script
:: Protect & Pitch Your Work
:: How to Write a Query Letter
:: Crowdfunding Films – Coming Back Down to Earth Post ‘Veronica Mars’
:: Did You Just Finish Your Latest Screenplay?

Best of the Rest

:: Screenwriting News: April 1 – 7
:: ‘Evil Dead’ Remake: What Did You Think?
:: Matt Damon Geared Up for ‘Elysium’
:: Interview: Eric Heisserer – 2012 Black List Screenwriter
:: Has Hollywood Switched To Bitcoins?
:: Former ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner to Script Classic Horror Film Prequel
:: New Trailer for The Hangover Part 3
:: Half in the Bag: Evil Dead
:: Top 10 Greatest Movie Anti-Heroes
:: Sony Unveils 10 Minutes of Footage From Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’
:: If My Life Were Like MAD MEN
:: Writer Max Landis Offers Update on Chronicle 2
:: Ronald D. Moore Explains Why He’s Back on SyFy With ‘Helix’
:: Bitter Embarrasses Himself Begging Spielberg for a Job Via YouTube
:: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Directorial Debut ‘Don Jon’
:: Mercifully Short Review: Oblivion
:: Battlestar Galactica Remade as a ‘Friends’ Episode
:: We Are Not Living in a Movie
:: If Mad Men Played Out on Facebook

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