Best of the Web 14 Jul

Story & Structure

:: How Best to Use a Whiteboard in the Plotting Process
:: TV Pilot Review: County
:: 10 Screenwriting Tips You Can Learn From ‘The Usual Suspects’
:: The Spectacular Now
:: Great Scene: “Kramer vs. Kramer”
:: New Highs and New Lows for Originality
:: Exploring Sci Fi With Writer Scott Myers
:: The Other Star Wars

Script Perfection

:: Set a Deadline
:: Momentum
:: Writing Good Dialogue
:: Daily Dialogue: “Training Day”
:: I Am The World’s Worst Writer
:: Scriptnotes, Episode 97: Is 15 the new 30?
:: A Master Class with Oliver Stone

Pitching & Selling

:: The Six Types Of Scripts That Get Writers Noticed
:: Proving the Skeptics Wrong
:: Will Netflix Become the Next Big Hollywood Studio?

Best of the Rest

:: ‘Pacific Rim’ Screenwriter Travis Beacham
:: Michael Mann’s Batman Vs Joker Script
:: Video Interview: Damon Lindelof
:: “The Lone Ranger” Represents Everything That’s Wrong with Hollywood Blockbusters
:: David Chase (The Sopranos) Interview
:: Guillermo del Toro Gets Charlie Kaufman to Pen ‘Slaughterhouse Five’

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