Best of the Web 15 Jul

Story & Structure

:: Character Breakdown
:: Bad TV Teaches Lessons
:: What is ‘Voice’?
:: Creating Memorable Characters
:: Don’t Leave Your Ending to the End
:: How to Write an Omniscient Narrator

Script Perfection

:: Embrace Your Inner Weirdo
:: Writers Diet Test. Is Your Sentence Construction Flabby or Fit?
:: 7 Essential Habits for Writers
:: Screenplay Formatting
:: A Guide to Scriptwriting Essentials
:: Your Moral Vision

Pitching & Selling

:: How to Write a Better Logline
:: Receiving Screenwriting Notes
:: Why 2nd Best Isn’t Good Enough
:: Tips for Subbing to Mags
:: Don’t Forget to get Your Screenplay Reviewed!
:: Script Feedback Advice

Best of the Rest

:: 10 of the Most Powerful Female Characters in Literature
:: The Geographic and Chronological Layout of Middle Earth
:: A New Trailer for DreamWorks’ Rise of the Guardians
:: Actors: How to Give Notes to Writers
:: An Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Animation Behind John Carter
:: The Treatment – Interviews with Industry Bigshots
:: Tim Burton Brings us a Story Form His Own High-School Nightmares
:: John Cleese talks Creativity
:: 5 Tips for Directing Children
Ethereal New Banner for The Hobbit
:: A Pedantic Take on the Physics of The Hulk
:: The Dark Knight Rises Wows Fans at Early Screening

With thanks to Jamie C. and Brooke Trezise.



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