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Story & Structure

:: Creating Memorable Characters
:: Top Ten Plotting Problems
:: What Is A Story? An Introduction
:: 10 Points To Ponder When You Write
:: THINK Picture, THINK Action, THINK Dialogue
:: Ken Levine On Writing A Groundbreaking Game
:: Plot Setup, Payoff, and ‘Jaws’
:: Great Scene: The Exorcist
:: TV Pilot Review: House Of Cards
:: 10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From Fight Club
:: Screenplay Review: These City Walls
:: Storytelling Strategies: ‘Argo’ and Recapitulation
:: How To Get Laughs Without Writing Jokes
:: Act I – Arguing for a Disempowered Protagonist and Sadistic Fate

Script Perfection

:: 6 Filmmaking Tips From Joss Whedon
:: Screenwriting 101 Q & A on Writing
:: Screenwriting Traits: Passion
:: Skyfall Screenwriter John Logan Talks Bond 24
:: Your Expertise Starts with Your Craft
:: Avoid the Bad Habit of Overwriting Your Screenplay
:: Advanced Screenwriting Technique – Layering
:: What Makes It Sci Fi?
:: Screenwriters Round Table 2012
:: Scriptnotes: Ep. 79 Transcript
:: How to Succeed in Screenwriting Without Even Trying
:: Scriptnotes Podcast: Ep. 80

Pitching & Selling

:: How and Where Should I Pitch My TV Show?
:: How To Query An Agent
:: Publicists Can Do Good Things, I Promise
:: Five Steps To Pitching Success
:: March 2013 Pitch Sales Scorecard
:: Screenwriting News: March 4 – 10
:: Are You Afraid of Success?
:: Should You Become Your Own Producer?

Best of the Rest

:: Six Years of Nothing
:: Inspiration from Unlikely Sources
:: The 10 Best Bad Mothers in Movies
:: Taking Care of Yourself as a Writer
:: Get Ready for Season 3 with a Game of Thrones Season 2 Re-Cap
:: Another Action-Packed ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer
:: The Screenwriter and the Frenchman
:: David O. Russell’s Next Film to Hit Theaters in December
:: Ridley Scott Announces Sci-Fi Shorts Deal with Machinima
:: Hollywood Isn’t Brave Enough to Copy Pixar Process
:: The 19 Best Movies That You Didn’t See In 2012
:: ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Director to Helm Jurassic Park 4
:: ‘Rectify’: Sundance Drama From ‘Breaking Bad’ Producers
:: Warner Bros v Disney

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