Best of the Web 19 Aug

Story & Structure

:: Why Good Description Worked for the Matrix but Didn’t for Matrix Reloaded
:: Screenplay Review – Cloud Atlas
:: Brandon Cohen – Finding YOUR Voice
:: Walt Disney/Touchstone ‘Titanic’ Coverage

Script Perfection

:: How To Make A Genre Movie – Infographics!
:: Is Your Hero Wrong?
:: Your Audience is Intelligent
:: 30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors
:: Stephen King – “The thing is, they pay you the big bucks to finish.”

Pitching & Selling

:: So you want my Job: An interview with Screenwriter, Stephen Scaia
:: Top 5 Reader Questions, Answered by a TV and Blog Writer
:: Jane Espenson: There’s No Opinion Like Your Own Opinion, But Just How Good is Your Taste?

Best of the Rest

:: Cryptic Canvas: Find 50 Films in this Picture
:: Poorly Translated Subtitles from a Chinese Bootleg of The Avengers
:: Ang Lee’s ‘Life of PI’ will open the New York Film Festival
:: Take 12 Minutes to Listen to a Great Speech – Other People’s Money (1991)
:: Final Online-Only Trailer for Laika’s Must-See ‘ParaNorman’
:: Severe Writer’s Block (With Flair)
:: A Closer Look at Marvel’s New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’
:: Advances in Technology Gives us More Freedom – Case-in-point: X-Men

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