Best of the Web 2 Sep

Story & Structure

:: Your Hero’s Development
:: Cause and Effect Storytelling

Script Perfection

:: Using Big Words in Your Script, Scene Headings
:: Children of Men Script Review
:: Top 10 Amateur Scripts
:: How to Overcome the Insecurity of a Screenwriter
:: 3 Keys to Failing as a Writer

Pitching & Selling

:: The Publishing Process in GIF Form

Best of the Rest

:: Solitary Confinement: The Collaborative Efforts of a Writer’s Habits
:: New Trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained
:: 7 Great American Writers on Writing
:: Insane Old European Movie Posters
:: The 7 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movies of the Decade
:: Screenwriting Website of the Week: Bang2Write
:: Desktop Essentials

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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Jamie Campbell is an author, screenwriter, and television addict.Jamie is proud to be an Editor for The Story Department.Her latest series Project Integrate is out now.

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