Best of the Web 23 Sep

Story & Structure

:: Exposition Techniques: Part 1
:: Exposition Techniques: Part 2
:: High Concept Comedy
:: Screenplay Review: ‘Rehab’ by Sam Laybourne
:: The Astonishing Power of ‘The Master’
:: Thinking Big – How to Sell Your Small Town Story

Script Perfection

:: The Yellow-Brick Road to Hollywood
:: Screenwriting Website of the Week: Scriptchat
:: The Moment of Revelation
:: Discount to Screenwriters World Conference
:: Voiceovers and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’
:: Telling and Selling the TV Pilot Script
:: Screenwriting Tip #1112

Pitching & Selling

:: What is a ‘Writing Sample’?
:: The Stephen King Guide to Marketing
:: The Scoggins Report: 2012 Spec Market Scorecard
:: What Happens After You Get The Manager?

Best of the Rest

:: 10 Most Inventive Shots in Cinema History
:: Jack White Talks About Finding Inspiration
:: Four New Posters for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph
:: Stephen Chbosky: Rebel with a Cause: Fate
:: New Hobbit Images Are Here!
:: Television Really Does Make You Less Lonely
:: Writers are Sexy
:: Rum, Guns and Cigars Part 1
:: Innocence of Muslims: A Dark Demonstration of The Power of Film
:: Entertainment One To Produce TV Movie & Mini Based On Stanley Kubrick Scripts
:: Are The Best TV Shows Made From Books These Days?

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