Best of the Web 24 Jun

Story & Structure

:: How to Write by Vonnegut
:: Creating Suspense in the Thriller Genre
:: Action/Thriller Script Review: Burned
:: Exercises for Fiction Writers
:: Season-Ending TV Cliffhangers that Actually Paid Off
:: Video Interview: Sofia Coppola (“Somewhere”)
:: Q&A with Todd Solondz (“Dark Horse”)
:: Deliverance: James Dickey’s Experience

Script Perfection

:: ‘Unfilmables’ in Source Code
:: 101 Tips from the World’s Most Famous Writers
:: How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day
Screenwriting: Can You Break The Rules?
:: Make Sure the Character Who Nobly Sacrifices Himself…
:: Einstein said it…

Pitching & Selling

:: Interview with Tawnya Bhattacharya, NBC Writer
:: When You Wanna Shoot Rejection In The Face

Best of the Rest

:: Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Shoots Arrows in the Princess Ideal
:: Michael Bay Says a Reboot and Headed to Space: Transformers 4
:: Teaser Trailer for Monsters University
:: Books to Replace Your Favorite Cancelled TV Shows
:: Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Character Images and Descriptions
:: These Characters have had Many Faces… who Played them Best?
:: Colours in Movie Posters Since 1914
:: If Studio Ghibli Made Adventure Time
:: Steve Ulfelder Talks Fathers From the Heart

With thanks to Jamie C. and Brooke Trezise.



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