Best of the Web 29 Jul

Story & Structure

:: 10 Deadly Sins of Screenwriting
:: WTF Is Voice? …And Why You Should Stop Obsessing About It
:: Tuesdays with Tom Benedek: “Subplots With Benefits”

Script Perfection

:: The Grammar of TV and Film
:: Tchaikovsky on Work Ethic vs. Inspiration
:: 10 Drama Scripts You Must Analyze
:: Ask Charles Yu What Inspired Him to be a Science Fiction Writer

Pitching & Selling

:: About The Cake, The Icing and The Cherry
:: 13 Frequently-Used Phrases That Make You Sound Like a Hollywood Rookie
:: Your First Page Sells Your Script!
:: Six-year-old Tries to Guess the Plots of Classic Novels Based on Their Covers
:: ‘Man of Steel’ at Comic-Con: Can Superman Still Soar?

Best of the Rest

:: The 25 Best “That Guy” Actors
:: 30 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Old Movies
:: Studios Withhold Box-Office Results After Theater Shooting
:: The Emotions Final Hobbit Video Diary
:: Marilyn Monroe: Proto-Feminist?
:: Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad Answers Fan Questions
:: Genre Directors Who Have Never Made a Bad Movie
:: 5 Questions with a Writer’s Assistant and Script Coordinator
:: Beasts of the Southern Wild – If You Haven’t Seen it, do Yourself the Favour!
:: The Black Hole (Short Film)
:: 30+ Behind the Scenes, Magical Movie Moments
:: Peter Jackson Actively Talking to WB About a Third ‘Hobbit’

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