Best of the Web 3 Feb

Story & Structure

:: Story Themes and ‘Road To Perdition’
:: Some Stories Don’t Need a Nemesis Character
:: Go Into The Story: Groundhog Day
:: Screenplay Review: The $1 Billion Movie That Never Was, ‘Halo’
:: Rom Com Transcript with Guest Diane Drake
:: Great Movie Scene: The Deer Hunter
:: ScriptShadow Script to Screen Review: End Of Watch
:: Screenwriter David Magee on adapting Life Of Pi
:: Dream Sequences suck!

Script Perfection

:: Writer’s block? What Writer’s Block?
:: Screenwriting Tips From A-Z: Jim Mercurio
:: Action Lines – Less is More
:: Scriptnotes Podcast, Ep. 73
:: Screenwriting Tip #1207
:: TV Writer Podcast 069: Rick Muirragui
:: 10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From The Thing
:: Scriptnotes Podcast #74

Pitching & Selling

:: How to Make Your Movie No Matter What
:: January 2013 Pitch Sales Roundup
:: Crowd Funding Your Film
:: Netflix: The New Super-Charged HBO
:: Stories from the Front Lines
:: Private Film Investors
:: The Screenwriter and Public Domain
:: The Creative Power of the Multi-hyphenate Screenwriter

Best of the Rest

:: The Best Screenwriting School in the World
:: Establish Writing Habits
:: Interview: Sean Robert Daniels (2012 Nicholl winner)
:: The Importance of Reading Screenplays
:: Writer/Director David O. Russell: Silver Linings Playbook
:: Dick Wolf Interview: Archive Of American Television
:: A Couple of Awesome Observations About Deadwood
:: ‘American Pickers’ Road to TV with Show Creator Mike Wolfe
:: Don’t Let Another Writer’s Success Get You Down
:: Get a Free Pass to GATE

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