Best of the Web 31 Mar

Story & Structure

:: Missing – Compelling Characters
:: Zero Dark Thirty Screenplay Analysis
:: Screenplay Review: Olympus Has Fallen
:: Plot=Character=Story — The Magick Formula
:: Plot – What Happens Next?
:: 10 Essential Screenplays Every Aspiring Screenwriter Must Read
:: Carter Blanchard-Interview: ‘Glimmer’
:: Ashleigh Powell: ‘Somacell’
:: The Two Types of TV Stories
:: 10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From ‘Trainspotting’
:: Tell The Story, Tell The Story, TELL THE STORY!

Script Perfection

:: The Best Feedback Notes… Ever
:: So You Want to be an Author…
:: Get the 411 on 5-0!
:: Take an Improv Class B*tch (And Become A Better Comedy Writer)
:: You Don’t Have to Take Every Note
:: Tales From Development Hell
:: Scriptnotes Ep: 82
:: TV Writers Podcast Ep: 073
:: Interview: Deadpool Screenwriters
:: (Multi-)Genre Storytelling in the Social Media Age
:: What’s Your Story About?
:: What the Hell Happened to Comedy?
:: Ball of Steel Goes Into the Writing Room
:: 17 Phrases That Make You Sound Like A Hollywood Rookie

Pitching & Selling

:: Do You Need to Live in Hollywood to Establish Your Screenwriting Career?
:: 5 Sure-fire Ways to Cripple Your Screen Writing Career
:: Pitch, Learn & Network at Screenwriter’s World Conference East
:: How NOT to Query Your Screenplay
:: How do Readers Get Hired?
:: How Jon Spaihts became the “Go-To” writer for Sci-Fi

Best of the Rest

:: Babies and ‘Your Script’
:: Breaking Bad 1995 Style
:: Zombie Mayhem in the Second ‘World War Z’ Trailer
:: Movies Re-imagined for Another Time and Place
:: How the Internet has Changed Sci-Fi Movies
:: Why Can’t Hollywood Make a Decent Dairy Tale Movie?
:: Who Should be Responsible when Your Robotic Surgeon F*cks Up?
:: The Many Ways Hollywood Destroys the White House
:: IMDB Theme Park Due In 2018
:: Everybody Wants To Kill Bruce Willis
:: R.I.P Don Payne: Writer of both Thor movies and The Simpsons
:: Wachowski’s New Sci Fi TV Series on Netflix
:: Top 10 Lesbian Movie Clichés
:: Academy Conversations: “Olympus Has Fallen”
:: Martin Scorsese Developing ‘Gangs of New York’ TV Series

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