Best of the Web 5 Aug

Story & Structure

:: Film Review – The Dark Knight Rises
:: Opaque Heros: They Don’t Have to be Likable, But Make Them Relatable
:: Real Conflict

Script Perfection

:: LEGOs Explain 12 Rules For Pixar Story-Telling
:: Screenplay Advice – We Can Do Better
:: Great Character: Marty McFly (“Back to the Future”)
:: Don’t Fall in Love with your Music! (At the Script Stage)

Pitching & Selling

:: Advice from actors: Create roles, Not Just Characters
:: Ding-Dong this Genre is Dead
:: How to Pitch a Script
:: The Business of Screenwriting: They Don’t Think Like You
:: The Theater of the Mind

Best of the Rest

:: Why Blaming Movie Violence for Inexplicable Tragedy is a Mistake
:: Guy Spends Two Years Building Amazing Life-Size, Working WALL-E
:: Seth MacFarlane: American Scourge to Classical Crooner
:: Warner Bros. Reportedly Exploring the Idea of a Shining Prequel
:: The Rules of Walter White’s Superlab: Breaking Bad Poster
:: Scientology History from Several Different Eras Skillfully Woven Together
:: Will Cloud Atlas be the next Inception?
:: Watch the Mesmerizing Dance of the Kinetic Spider Robot in this Striking Short Film
:: The Lion King Rises: Dark Knight Rises Trailer Parody

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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