Best of the Web 5 May

Story & Structure

:: Exposition
:: Storytelling Strategies: The Puzzle in Silver Linings Playbook
:: Know Who You Are Writing For
:: Some Thoughts on the Legends of Villainy
:: How to Write a Screenplay – Right Now!
:: Interview: ‘Oblivion’ Director Joseph Kosinski on Sci-Fi Filmmaking
:: Character Arcs (or the lack thereof) and ‘The Fugitive’
:: Screenplay Review: Shazam
:: Screenplay Review: The Bling Ring
:: Script To Screen: “Scream”

Script Perfection

:: Writing vs. Speaking
:: Writing Madly – Then Getting Organized
:: You Need the Truth
:: Scriptcat Cooks Up 3 Even Tastier Survival Tips for Your Screenwriting Journey
:: Writing Habits – Facing Down the Repeat
:: Create a Professional Read by Learning the Art of Writing Film Narrative
:: Scriptnotes, 87: Moving On is not Giving Up
:: TV Writer Podcast 075
:: Resources for Starting Your Script
:: Persona Character Development Software
:: Transcript of Scriptnotes: Ep. 86
:: A Story Idea Each Day for a Month
:: You’re Fired: Doug Richardson – screenwriter – Die Hard 2, Bad Boys
:: The Marital Art of a Writing Community

Pitching & Selling

:: Hear Me Discuss Amazon Studios on The Broken Projector Podcast
:: On Sluglines and Other Matters
:: The Cost of Location
:: Ideas are Free to Steal?
:: What Writers Earn: A Cultural Myth
:: April 2013 Pitch Market Roundup

Best of the Rest

:: Bay Gets More Serious and More Absurd with ‘Pain & Gain’
:: Interview: Nikole Beckwith – 2012 Nicholl Winner, 2012 Black List
:: 9 Classic Movies That The Cast or Crew Thought Were Garbage
:: Interview: J.J. Abrams
:: Summer Movies Preview
:: Why Iron Man 3’s Director Ruled Hollywood
:: Steven Soderbergh: The State of Cinema
:: Screenwriting Opinion – Soderbergh’s Rant
:: Watch: Awesome Con Footage from del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’ Online
:: What Makes The Great Gatsby Great?
:: Scott Stuber Boards Gears of War Feature Film
:: Screenwriter – Christopher McQuarrie Career Interview
:: Iron Man 3 Poster and 16 Minutes of Behind-The-Scenes Footage
:: How Would You Like To Own a Private IMAX Theater in Your Home?
:: Another Superb Sci-Fi Short ‘ABE’ with Creepy Robot
:: Writer/Director Vanessa Parise on Going Behind the Camera for ‘The Wedding Chapel’
:: Brit Marling Reteaming with ‘Another Earth’ Director for ‘I Origins’
:: ‘Ender’s Game’: Battle room, Mazer Rackham in First Footage
:: This Is How 30,000 People Write A Movie
:: Which Movie is Your Happy Place?

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