Best of the Web 7 April

Story & Structure

:: How to Write a Screenplay in 9 (Not So Easy) Steps
:: Creating a Screenplay Narrative in the Absolute Present Tense
:: Scene Writing from A to Z to A-List Actor
:: Great Scene – Fight Club
:: Evil Dead (2013) Screenplay Review
:: Screenplay Review – Oblivion
:: 10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From Forrest Gump
:: Amateur Friday Screenplay Review
:: A Story Idea Each Day For a Month

Script Perfection

:: Discovery of a Character
:: Scriptnotes Podcast Transcript Ep 82
:: Scriptnotes Podcast Ep 83
:: Screenwriting Resources
:: Screenwriting Tip #1214
:: Conquering Self-Doubt, Anxiety, Procrastination, Fear + Perfection
:: The Smoking Gun, Part 1
:: 10 Most Expensive Screenplays Ever
:: Long-Term Motivation for Building Your Screenwriting Career
:: This Thing I’m Doing to Stay Focused
:: 50 Best TV Dramas of All Time

Pitching & Selling

:: Don’t Write a Drama Spec
:: Why You Should Write a Short Film Screenplay
:: Write, Direct, Repeat: Get Set
:: David Guggenheim Black List 2010-12
:: David Guggenheim Black List 2012 – Interview

Best of the Rest

:: Can Bad Visual Effects Ruin a Film Like ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’?
:: Ashleigh Powell – Interview – Black List 2012 – Part 6
:: Mel Gibson Announces Passion of the Christ Sequel: ‘Easter’
:: Mercifully Short Review: Warm Bodies
:: The Loneliness Epidemic
:: Ken Levine: I Will Be Taking Over HBO’s ‘GIRLS’
:: Jurassic Park 3D: Revisited
:: Justin Long in Funny or Die’s ‘iSteve’ Biopic Teaser Trailer
:: Jules Verne Brings Hollywood Down Under
:: ‘Trance’: Danny Boyle Talks Time-Shifting Art Heist Thriller
:: Marvel’s Full Phase Two Preview for Thor, Ant-Man, Guardians
:: Nicolas Winding Refn ‘Only God Forgives’ trailer
:: Mesmerizing IMAX Featurette for ‘Oblivion’
:: Video Interview – The Place Beyond the Pines
:: Can Ethan Hawke Survive Criminal Christmas in ‘The Purge’ Trailer?
:: Chuck Norris Deployed to Guam
:: RIP: Roger Ebert dies at age 70

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