Best of the Web 7 Jul

Story & Structure

:: The Origins and Formatting of Modern Screenplays
:: 30 Days of Screenplays, Day 30: “Michael Clayton”
:: Man of Steel Story Map Screenplay Analysis and Podcast
:: Scene Of The Week: ‘The Godfather’
:: High Concept Hilarity
:: Sequences and ‘Toy Story’
:: Fridays With Hitchcock
:: Great Character: Erin Brockovich
:: Screenplay Review – The Lone Ranger
:: Amateur Friday – “Paralleled”

Script Perfection

:: Transcript of Scriptnotes, Ep. 95
:: One Way to Deal With Multiple Time Jumps
:: Scriptnotes, 96: Three Page Challenge
:: Tips to Write a Screenplay Fast!
:: Thinking About Money
:: Interview – Arash Amel

Pitching & Selling

:: “The Heat” and “White House Down”: A Tale of Two Spec Scripts
:: Even I Can’t Get An Agent
:: Magic Beans
:: Black List Submission Gets a 9!

Best of the Rest

:: Keeping Some Creative Control as a Screenwriter/Producer
:: Guillermo del Toro Edges Toward Greater Success With ‘Pacific Rim’
:: Movie Review – The Heat
:: Things That Drive Me Crazy on TV
:: DIY “Bullet Time” Rig with GoPro and a Ceiling Fan

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