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Story & Structure

:: 10 Screenwriting Tips You Can Learn From Goodfellas!
:: Hunger Games – Story Analysis
:: 7 Bad Storytelling Habits That We All Learned from Superhero Comics
:: 30 Days of Screenplays – Day 3: “American Beauty”
:: 30 Days of Screenplays – Day 4: “Fargo”
:: Scene Of The Week: Jaws (Bloody Beach)
:: Script to Screen: Little Miss Sunshine
:: Screenplay Review – Morphine
:: Screenplay Review – Black Wednesday
:: 101 Best Written TV Series

Script Perfection

:: Speed Writing
:: Index Cards
:: The Definitive List of Cliche Dialogue
:: Scriptnotes 91: Bechdel and Batman
:: Screw The Odds
:: Screenwriter Gary Whitta Talks ‘After Earth’

Pitching & Selling

:: Do Not Allow Your Script to be Read Before its Read
:: Screenwriting Careers: The Biggest Tragedy of All
:: Understand What Agents Want
:: 2013-2014 Primetime Network Pilot Season Scorecard
:: Critical Mass – The Mob Mentality of Judging and Pre-Judging Movies

Best of the Rest

:: ‘Green Lantern’ Writer Michael Green Scripting ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel
:: The Most Disappointing Filmmakers of All Time – M. Night Shyamalan
:: Man of Steel Overload: 13 Min Featurette
:: Week in Review
:: Movie Review – After Earth
:: BBC’s 40-Minute Documentary on The Coen Brothers

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