23 Reasons For Close-Ups

To conclude our series on Cinematic Storytelling, last week Mystery Man examined the origins of and opinions about close-ups. Today, in the 10th and final episode, we look at 23 visual examples and their dramatic reason. To examine beauty / ugliness: To illuminate a glance we would not have seen (as in Lady Snowblood): To establish an essential prop in … Read More

Cinematic Storytelling (9)

Sheila O’Malley’s post on a close-up of Bud White in L.A. Confidential reminded us that characters with dimensions, with varying inner conflicts and emotions – a.k.a. depth – foster the right circumstances for great acting through close-ups. CLOSE-UPS, BABY! Of a moment in which we watch Bud, Sheila writes: “He is totally still. He doesn’t blink. He just stares. He seems like a snake, … Read More

Cinematic Storytelling (8)

Here’s a scene from a script by our good friend Pat who participated in almost every study on our blog. When I posted Write the Shots, Pat shared a scene from her script and I just loved it. This captures exactly what we mean by writing the shots. Good job, Pat. INT. CELLAR -- NIGHT It’s black. Sounds of stilettos on … Read More