Where Is Your Portfolio Website? [Marketing For Screenwriters]

Build it and they will come, right? In other words: just write an amazing screenplay, and producers will start hassling you. Well, not really. And I’m not the only one to disagree with Kevin Costner’s character in Field Of Dreams. We live in the age of noise. Everyone is trying to get your attention. TV commercials, banners on your favourite … Read More


Ozzywood to Hollywood – 5

Silence. Professionalism. Action… (Part 5) So here I am about to approach three years in L.A. (June 10 to be exact) and I feel the need to share my journey once again despite completely falling off the radar for well over a year with this confronting piece of my Hollywood sojourn. As I look back, it’s been an up and … Read More

In Memoriam: Syd Field (2) [Screenwriting Guru #1]

Over the past decades, screenwriting education has developed into a multi-million dollar industry. Teachers such as Robert McKee and the late Blake Snyder reach rockstar status. It all started in 1979, with one book: “Screenplay – The Foundations of Screenwriting”, written by Syd Field. Syd Field was the first true screenwriting guru. His book Screenplay is still a standard, more than thirty … Read More