[The Dept Revisited]: Structuring the Facts

Turning real events into a working screen drama is a hell of a challenge. Whether it be a historical movie, biopic or docu-drama, the smart screenwriter stays true to the spirit of the subject, not the newsroom version of the events. by Karel Segers The principals of drama must dictate how the story is (re-)structured. UNITED 93 is exemplary in … Read More

Are You A Reader Of Screenplays Or A Watcher Of Movies?

Some respected screenwriting gurus claim that you should read and study as many screenplays as possible. It doesn’t matter if the film was a success or a flop: you learn either way. I agree. But more importantly, you should watch and analyze the movies. For years, I blindly followed this dogma, as it seemed to make a lot of sense. … Read More


The Structure Of Character

Every once in a while I feel the need to open up this can of worms, this time because of an article I recently read. The irony? People know me as Structure Man, though most of the time I talk about character. The Dept Revisited – A rerun of the best of the Story Dept. The reason I have chosen … Read More