Structure: Breaking Bad S1E1

With the 5th and final season of Breaking Bad underway, let’s look back at how it started. The pilot episode planted this drama series squarely on the map and to my taste, Breaking Bad became an instant classic. The show is loved as much by its audience as by the critics and industry peers. Most agree that Breaking Bad offers us the … Read More


Structure: Heat

Michael Mann is an auteur ‘pur sang’. He masters every aspect of the craft, from the writing to the editing. Sometimes he pushes his vision further than the audience would follow him (Miami Vice) but mostly he delivers a classic experience for all. by Karel Segers I have been wanting to analyze this film for a long time because I … Read More


Structure: Boy

Kiwis get film. Even apart from PJ’s blockbuster machine at Weta, they’ve had a good decade, with Whale Rider, The World’s Fastest Indian and more recently, Boy, a film by Taika Waikiki, inspired by his short Two Cars, One Night. by Dave Trendall (structure breakdown) and Karel Segers (notes). Boy is a funny and moving drama about young Alamein who … Read More