Ozzywood to Hollywood – 5

Silence. Professionalism. Action… (Part 5) So here I am about to approach three years in L.A. (June 10 to be exact) and I feel the need to share my journey once again despite completely falling off the radar for well over a year with this confronting piece of my Hollywood sojourn. As I look back, it’s been an up and … Read More

[The Graduate]: The Writer’s Vices

Whether you’re writing a script, an outline, a treatment, or even the logline, every writer dreads days when they go without any inspiration to siphon from. Call it writer’s block, but a lack of inspiration mixed with a lack of dedication, commitment, and all other sorts of things can equal disaster to the creative mind – and could potentially destroy … Read More


[The Writing Director]: A Spark of Rom-Com Inspiration

I’ve had this image in my head for two years now. It’s this man in a suit, and he’s sprinting through an airport you know, arms flailing wildly. In one hand is a duffle bag, presumably with clothes in it, maybe some toiletries; and in the other hand is a bunch of red roses. by Ben Cox So he’s sprinting … Read More