Service: Pro Pack

All you can eat. And it’s a Five-Star restaurant.


Intensive screenwriting mentorship with ongoing email feedback and regular consultations via phone or face to face. Initial work on concept, story, characters and plot, followed by detailed scene analysis leading to a marketable screenplay draft.

Optionally(*), during the mentorship / development you will have access to a private protected web page on this site with audio recordings of your phone consultations as well as updated versions of logline, key turning points and copies of any relevant development documents.


– to identify and eliminate any story issues
– to create a powerful protagonist
– to design believable characters and a healthy plot framework
– to deliver a close-to-final screenplay draft
– to learn all key principles of screenwriting relevant to your project


– start: two working days from receipt of materials and payment.
– completion: six months after commencement.


– seven equal monthly installments, first one payable prior to first consultation.
– methods accepted: PayPal, Direct Transfer, Bank Cheque, Credit Card(***)

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(*) Subject to telephone carrier, line quality etc. Most customers have benefited from this option.
(**) Estimated, based on past experience.
(***) Processing fee may apply.

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