The Cave


Your own private 3 day VIP script workshop.


Karel Segers is the king of story structure
and the service he provides is exceptional.
After an intensive three days in “The Cave” with Karel
and following a rewrite, my project has now
been optioned by a leading producer.

-Meg Shields
Winner Bill Warnock Award
AWG Award Nominee


[box] Three days of intensive workshopping of the story before writing your first or next draft, based upon an outline or current draft.

The resulting screenplay is reviewed and you receive notes for a rewrite or polish during a 2-hour follow-up phone clinic.

This is a cost-effective and more rigorous alternative to a Full Script Edit, for which competitors charge around $5,000 or more and which can take 6-12 months to complete.

As an option (*) you’ll have  access to a private web page containing updated copies of any relevant development documents.[/box]

steps towards completion:

[box] – You submit a screenplay or step outline (at least 4 pages).
– I review the material and prepare the workshop (10-15 working days)
– Intensive face-to-face story clinic: the Cave Workshop (3 days)
– You rewrite the screenplay or the outline (6-8 weeks)
– I review the script or outline and give you notes (10-15 working days)
– You write a final draft (6-8 weeks[/box]

schedule of the workshop:

[box] DAY ONE – Protagonist, point of view, key turning points, 3-act timeline, inner & outer journeys.
DAY TWO – Main plot sequences, 1st draft step outline, theme, building the ‘Story Grid’.
DAY THREE – Logline, subplots, supporting characters, final step outline.[/box]


[box] – start: three weeks from receipt of materials and first payment installment.
– completion: ten working days after delivery of the resulting next draft.

Total duration: 18-21 weeks



[box] – four equal installments, first one payable upon booking.
– methods accepted: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Credit Card(***)[/box]

“The Cave” was really great. It showed me
a new way of looking at scriptwriting,
it gave me back the gusto I lost some time ago
and I got a big step closer to my goal of
creating an exceptional movie/thriller.

-Johanna Oppliger, Screenwriter


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(*) Ask about details.
(**) Estimated, based on past experience.
(***) Processing fee may apply.

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