Story Diagnosis


Entry level service, analysing a story’s key turning points.



[box] One-hour telephone/Skype discussion about crucial story issues such as protagonist, point of view, inner/outer journey, key turning points etc., based on a one-page (5oo words max) synopsis.  Without this early analysis, you risk having to completely re-write your screenplay over and over again.  If requested, I will also look at style and structure of the synopsis in itself to enhance its selling quality.[/box]

useful for:

[box] – testing ideas and concepts
– creating basic plot structure
– writing a selling synopsis
– creating a killer query pack
– trialling The Story Department method [/box]


[box] – five working days from receipt of synopsis and payment (*).[/box]

cost & payment:

[box] – $99 for first session, $140 for (each) follow-up.
– payment in full prior to booking the phone consultation.
– methods accepted: PayPal, Direct Transfer, Credit Card(**)
– part-refunded if follow-up service is booked within 30 days.[/box]


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(*) Estimated, based on past experience.
(**) Processing fee may apply.

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