Logline Generator

This logline generator is a starting point for you – the Screenwriter. It’s a way to understand how a logline evolves and most importantly read well in one sentence. It’s by no means the magical formula many have hoped for.

  1. First Name

    We’ll call him/her the Hero

    What is the Hero’s gender?

  2. Function

    What’s the Hero’s FUNCTION?
    eg. long distance runner, artist, father etc.

  3. Flaw

    Does the Hero have a FLAW? What is it?
    eg. an arrogant, a lazy, a macho, an insecure etc.

  4. Inciting Incident

    What is the story’s first major event, the INCITING INCIDENT
    eg. falls in love, is fired etc.

  5. Goal

    What is the Hero’s visible GOAL?
    eg. to win the race, to catch the killer, etc.

  6. Need

    What is the Hero’s NEED?
    eg. to connect, to stand up for herself etc.

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    1. Post

      Hey Ernest – Thank you for your note.
      That page is actually inactive. Sorry about that!
      Best to visit http://logline.it, where you’ll get live feedback, from real people. :)
      Happy loglining!

  2. Are you suspose to have a Logline when you’re done with the new logline generator? If you are, I got nothing. Maybe what you are to get is an idea of what goes into your Logline. I don’t know. Tell me?

    1. Post

      Hi Pauline,
      This logline generator is no longer active, sorry.
      It used to generate the logline for you, but the technology broke and I haven’t been able to find anyone to bring it back online at an affordable cost.
      Better go to http://logline.it, where real people will help you!

  3. When I push the submit button a learn our Logline formula pops up no Logline. Wgat’s still going on?

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