What I Hate About Studios [And Why I ‘Get’ Some Pirates]

About 5 years ago, Sheridan Cleland of MyPDFscripts wrote the below article on his blog. Soon after, the site disappeared. I wanted to keep the memory alive, because these practices by the studios have not changed. They have only become worse. Concerning MediaFire and the Current Lack of Scripts… So, you may have noticed a serious lack of scripts on … Read More


Get Out Is An Instant-Classic [Five Reasons – And Spoilers]

get out - poster

Get Out was initially written to be a Rosemary’s Baby type dark psychological horror, yet some people seem to call it a comedy. How can a film that fits both bills possibly be so successful? Or how does it even work at all? The film shows the descent of a young black male into the underworld of what appears to be a … Read More


Is It Worth It? [The Answer]

screenwriter at work

I received a letter from Kryz, asking Is it worth it? The subtext of the letter expresses doubts about his chances of making it in the industry, about the steps he’s taking, and perhaps ultimately about his own talent. The question is not new to me. My answer is never the same. But today I’m giving you the one, definitive answer. First, … Read More