Screenwriting Best of the Web 06/09/09


Something funny is happening here and I don’t like it. Feedburner seems to send out emails when the title of the post is updated. My apologies if you have just received an email notifying you of this (old) post. The newest one is here: www.TheStoryDepartment.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience – thank you for your clicking through.

COMING SOON to the Story Department:

  • iPhone applications for screenwriters, by Cherie Lee.
  • “Confessions of a Scriptwriter”, by Jack Feldstein.
  • The SLG (Simple Logline Generator).
  • Paul Gulino on an alternative to dramatic tension.
  • The Fastest Pass: Improve your script in less than an hour.
About the Author

Cherie Lee

I studied acting for three years and hold a graduate diploma in writing from Sydney's UTS. My interest in film and writing was solidified through interning at The Story Department and gave me the opportunity to fine tune my skills. I've been involved with several film projects, the most recent of which was shortlisted for Tropfest.With the knowledge gained from university and my experience at The Story Department, I'm now specialising in professional feedback on short films and documentaries.

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  1. That Alex Epstein link to the IAmA subbreddit is amazing. There’s hours of inspiration / timewasting in there….

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