Consult Pack

USD $499.00

Keep the momentum during development

Book 4 weekly or bi-weekly consult sessions with Karel, to continue improving your outlining and scripting skills on the way to delivering the first or next draft of your feature film or TV Pilot screenplay.

Available to writers of any skill level, anywhere.



Four 1-hour video-chat consultancy sessions.

Karel Segers will guide you on all relevant aspects of your story summary or script: concept, character, POV, style, scene design, etc. In a Zoom/Skype consultation of up to one hour each, Karel will talk you through the best next steps and a development strategy to final draft.

Each session may contain one of the following:

Story analysis – advice on a synopsis, outline or pitch of up to 2,000 words (4 pages).
Script feedback – advice on one or more completed scenes, up to 10 pages total.


Logline – You may be asked for an updated version of your logline. If you have trouble writing this, we will work on it together.

The discussion will be held via telephone, Skype or Zoom (preferred). Each consultation will last up to one hour, during which you will get recommendations for the next draft or a development strategy to final draft.


– to improve your productivity through regular coaching
– to confirm direction in early development
– to prepare for a first draft or next draft
– to keep focused during the writing of a draft

Should you want to extend the session past 60 minutes during the call, you can use a next session credit. In case you have used up all 4 sessions from the pack, during the call you may book another pack of 4, and use its first session for the extension.

What to do

Step 1 – Make payment 

– fee: USD$499 (AUD$648)
– methods accepted: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card

Step 2 – Download the Writer’s Development Kit

After making your booking, you receive an email with a link to the Writer’s Development Kit. This e-brochure will help you write a synopsis, outline or treatment.

Once payment has cleared, you will receive an email with a Calendar invitation to the first consult session. The email contains a weblink that will automatically start your Zoom session on the day/time of the consult.

If you cannot make the proposed date and time, simple rejection the invitation and you will receive a new one for a different date & time. 

Step 3 – Send your materials

Please email your materials in PDF format (unless otherwise agreed) no later than 24 hours before the agreed appointment.

Step 4 – Schedule the Zoom session

Karel will send you a Zoom invite with a proposed date and time for the first session.
The idea is to keep follow-up sessions as much as possible on the same day of the week.

Step 5 – Let’s talk!

On the day, Karel will start a Zoom session at the designated time. You can join in by just clicking the link in your invitation email. The session audio will be recorded for your future reference. (*)

(*) The call recording is not a contractual item. No claims are accepted for failure to deliver.
That said, in five years and hundreds of calls, only one recording failed.


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