USD $25.00

Speed up your turnaround time, or buy extra pages over the maximum for your services.
Calculate the extra cost (see the product detail below), and add as many items of $25 as needed.



If your document exceeds the maximum page length for the relevant service, increase the cap by purchasing an extra set of 10 pages at $25 each. That makes $25 for 1-10 pages, $50 for 11-20 etc.

Example: if your screenplay is 117 pages, you need to purchase 1 set of 10 pages, or $25, calculated like this:

  • Standard Pages: 110
  • Extra pages: 7
  • Sets needed: 1 (1 x 10 pages)
  • Cost: $25

The same calculation works for extra pages in a treatment, up to a total of 30 pages, or 15,000 words. Anything above that falls under the Feature Analysis service.

To speed up the turnaround time, pay an additional $50 per week. Standard is 3 weeks, so if you need it earlier, pay $50 extra for a 2-week turnaround, $100 for one week. 48-hour turnaround is available for most services at a 100% markup.

Example: if you need your report in 10 days, you need to purchase 4 items of $25 in addition to your standard service, calculated like this:

  • Standard turnaround: 3 weeks
  • Required turnaround: 1 week (or 7 days)
  • Weeks purchased: 2
  • Cost: $100

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