Outline Review

USD $275.00

One-hour telephone/Skype discussion about crucial story issues such as protagonist, point of view, inner/outer journey, key turning points etc., based on your 3-5 page (2,000 words max) outline.



Comprehensive script and story analysis of your outline of up to 5 pages.

One-hour phone or video conference about crucial story issues based on your 4-5p. outline.


  • conceptual analysis
  • character review
  • diagnosis of plot structure
  • active protagonist test
  • point of view analysis
  • theme discussion
  • logline review (optional)

Step 1: make payment 

– pay USD$275 using the ‘Add To Cart’ link above
– methods accepted: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card(**)

Step 2: download the Writer’s Development Kit

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a download link for the Writer’s Development Kit.

Step 3: send your outline & logline

Once you are happy with the outline, please email it to Karel, with your logline and Skype ID (*).

Step 4: schedule the Skype session

Karel will get in touch via email to propose a few dates and times for the session.
These will most likely fall within 7am and 7pm Sydney time.

Step 5: let’s talk about your story!

On the day, I will call you at the designated time. I will record the session and send you a download link, so you don’t need to frantically note everything down during the discussion. (**)

(*) Customers in the US without a Skype account can call in to (310) 928 1111.
Customers in Australia without Skype account can call in to (02) 6176 1222.
(**) The call recording is not a contractual item. No claims are accepted for failure to deliver.
That said, in ten years and hundreds of calls, only two recordings failed.


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