Secret Code of Loglines

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Learn the secret code of loglines, to develop and sell your story and screenplay like a pro.
In this webinar, eBook and checklist, Karel Segers reveals his logline formula to diagnose the most common story problems. You will learn how to frame what your story really is about  – in 25 words or less.



The Logline is the concept guardian for every professional writer and screenwriter.

This training pack provides you with everything you need to upskill yourself, and use loglines in the exact same way as Hollywood (and other) industry professionals.

In the 1-hour Webinar and 50p. eBook, Karel Segers addresses the following:

  • Why are Loglines critical for every screenwriter?
  • How to test your concept in early development.
  • The 3 Essential Components of a logline.
  • The formula for a properly constructed logline.
  • How to triangulate your movie concept.
  • Good, bad, and ugly Logline examples.

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