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Story Cave Workshop – Deposit

USD $200.00

The next Story Cave script workshop will take place during the Australian spring, near the Blue Mountains, from Wednesday 25 until Sunday 29 March 2020.
The workshop fee is AUD$1,999. (Enjoy the Early Bird rate: pay only $1,750 (deposit paid by 31 January 2020, full payment made by 29 February 2020).

Secure your spot now by making a USD$200 (AUD$275) deposit.



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Here is Gabriel Jacob’s blog report on the last Story Cave (click to read all):

To register your interest or to receive more information, just send us an email or contact me via Facebook.


  1. Jo Bellew

    Jo Bellew

    October 2018 was my fourth venture into Karel’s ‘Story Cave’. It was wonderful to see the farm again, be embraced by Annie’s warmth, to see the animals, and to relax in the serenity of the surrounding bush. The cave is a nurturing experience for the mind and body. I left understanding more about story structure and more about myself as a writer. It was, again, a privilege to have spent five days with Karel – and also, of course, with the other writers. It is a time where true relationships are formed. Great camaraderie grows from ‘the cave’. I came out with two new feature film concepts and draft treatments, one of which is now well under way. As I have said before, without my ‘cave’ experiences, I would not have won the awards, placing and nominations that I have to date. Each cave has jettisoned my writing to the next level. What one achieves in ‘the cave’ would take months to achieve in the outside world.
    Thanks for the great experiences Karel. ☺ They are treasured.

  2. Kryz Woodhouse

    Kryz Woodhouse

    There are a lot of great reasons to love the Story Cave. For me, it was wonderful to be free from all the concerns and pressures of everyday life so that I can focus on story craft. What writer doesn’t dream of a place to spend all day either doing one’s writing, talking about one’s writing, sharing one’s writing or getting expert advice on one’s writing?

    Working with Karel was fantastic. Not only is his enthusiasm for powerful stories contagious, but script problems that might otherwise take months to uncover quickly came to the surface.

    Additionally, the chance to have time to share and discuss with the group, whether in a session or just chatting during a bush walk, was wonderful. Talking with people who were also grappling with writing, careers and projects was equally uplifting and positively challenging.

  3. Deborah Cooke

    Deborah Cooke

    Hi Karel,

    This is a very belated but heartfelt thankyou for the Cave Workshop!!It was a very steep learning curve for me but such an enjoyable one. I came away with a whole new understanding of story structure which I’m feeling sooo excited about applying further to my script!!! Thank you for your knowledge and expertise in guiding me to this.

    It was such a lovely bunch of inspiring people to spend time with and Annie and staff were so welcoming.

    As we discussed, I would really love to attend another ‘Cave’. Please keep me updated with the details.



  4. Erin Foy

    Erin Foy

    I went into The Story Cave with a VERY fresh feature film idea (conceived on the drive up), and walked away from the Cave with a fully fleshed out story plan.

    I wrote over 13,000 words over the course of the Cave, and with Karel’s assistance was able to edit those thoughts/ideas into a tight 4-page story treatment.

    I also learnt a great amount from the mini afternoon lessons Karel held, and from the movie sessions at night. The understanding I received about a character’s Midpoint Reversal and the emotional beats of the hero during the second half of Act 2 were invaluable.

    On top of all of this, the setting was amazing, the hosts were delightful and the horses were true gentlemen.

    To finish, I’ll leave you with the most evident part of the testimonial – I loved the Story Cave so much I’ve already booked my spot in the next one! WOOHOO!

  5. Preya McMahon

    Preya McMahon

    I would highly recommend the Cave for anyone who wants to get into writing for TV or Film. I was a complete novice with no experience at all on my first Cave and now I am in discussions with Networks and have an agent!

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