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Presenting – Video, eBook & Checklist.

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Little known and unorthodox strategies to give your pitch an unfair advantage.
Your purchase includes a 1-hour webinar, 50-page eBook, and a handy Checklist.





“From visualising success, researching, 
arriving early, pitching my candidacy,  through eggs for breakfast – I felt in control.  ‘Presenting for Freak Success’ helped me to secure a dream job with over $30k increase in income.”
-Irina Tadevosyan

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Whether I speak in public to eleven thousand people or just one, I’ll always feel my pulse in my throat (And I have done both). Standing there in terror, at least once I believed death would be a relief.

During my radio days, I would occasionally present to two million listeners, and my MTV show had a reach of 60 million homes. Bizarrely, the invisible audience of millions, worried me less than that one real, visible person.

Because presenting can be torture, I have always worked hard to minimise the effects of this discomfort on the actual presentation.

If you’re nervous when presenting to a live audience, this eBook is for you.

I promise, you don’t have to be a natural pitching talent to get great results. I will show you how to best prepare, deliver, and follow up, in order to get downright amazing success.

-Karel Segers

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  1. Mukul Kandara

    Karel provided us with a fantastic breakdown of what to do (& not to do) before, during and after any kind of pitch you can have. Now our job is to go do it.

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