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Adapt Anything – Video & Q&A eBook

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bullet-icon-29Most successful films are adaptations.
51% of the top 2,000 films of the last 20 years were movie adaptations. Are you writing (for) adaptation?

bullet-icon-29Most writers fail at adapting their work.
To adapt an original work successfully, it is essential that you understand the principles of screen drama.

bullet-icon-29Great adaptations follow 4 principles…
… and sticking to the source is not one of them. Register for the webinar to learn the 4 secrets!




Your Host

Karel Segers wrote his first produced script at age 17. He has experience in acquisitions, production & development, and worked on adaptations for directors with massive box office hits, as well as Oscar nominees. Karel ranks in the world’s Top 10 of most influential people for screenwriting on Twitter.