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Active Characters – Video and eBook

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The passive character is one of the greatest enemies of your writing success. Learn in 45 minutes how to avoid it.

This content is exclusive to Karel Segers’ webinar, and cannot be found in any other screenwriting book. He will explain how the most important issues in screen stories can be resolved using the simple distinction between ‘Events’ and ‘Actions’.



Please note that the webinar itself is free.
You are paying for a Premium edit with unlimited reruns.
Also included are an eBook and a worksheet.

What will be covered in this 45 minute webinar:

  • Learn how to craft a premise that keeps the story moving forward, and the main character active.
  • Find out which plot element will make sure your main character’s actions are always motivated.
  • Apply the one personality trait that makes a character cinematic (even if s/he is unlikeable).
  • Learn a little known, yet super powerful story principle that helps you prevent passive characters.

The worksheet can be used to test your own story on active characters, by diagnosing scenes and sequences.

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