Notes on ‘Hail’

“A Tour-de-force,” “Fiercely realised,” “Pure cinematic power,” “Remarkable, Visionary,” “Re-imagines cinematic boundaries,” – and these are quotes from people you care about – the Sundance institute, Hugo Weaving, The Age – couple these quotes with the power-house that is the trailer to this cinematic gem and you’ll understand why I was excited to see this film. by Samuel Bartlett Amiel … Read More


Ozzywood to Hollywood – Part Deux

So I’m two months into my Los Angeles, Hollywood life and for the most part it’s gone smoothly. There’s been very few hiccups (if any), and you could say it’s been relatively easy to adjust. by Mark Rasmussen Perhaps even more remarkably, I am making my way and achieving results. And that’s great. I need that. I need to know … Read More


How Australian Films Could Be More Universal (1/2)

Australian feature film stories are too parochial.  I have already written about how our stories could be made more original and more substantive.  Today I will advance why our stories need to be universal as well. by Steven Fernandez Some (if not most) local screenwriters see themselves as champions of local culture when they write loads of “G’day mate” dialogue in … Read More