Movie Moment: Welcome to the party, pal!

DIE HARD contains all the evidence needed to send even the staunchest Hero’s Journey skeptics on a quest. Its plot is perfect, the Hero transformation convincing and Jung himself would have drooled over the Hero-Shadow relationship. by Karel Segers The one quote everyone remembers is “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker” but my favorite moment of the movie is somewhat earlier, at the mid … Read More


The Script Genius Of Die Hard

Die Hard. Some people say Jaws changed the way movies were made. Others say Star Wars. But it can be argued that Die Hard had just as much influence on movies as both of those films, maybe not so much culturally, but definitely in how studios approached the tent pole film. by Carson Reeves The irony, of course, is that … Read More

Video: Pulp Fiction Inspiration [QT]

This video is just as informative and entertaining without the sound as with. Try for yourself. I am certain that Tarantino must have had a career as a pantomime artist before becoming the world’s most dialogue-obsessed director. It’s interesting how Tarantino in the 100 seconds of this clip doesn’t mention co-writer Roger Avary. Maybe it was cut. Or maybe not… … Read More