[Video]: John Truby on Successful Writing

‘It’s also important that writers read a lot of scripts. Because it’s only through reading a lot of scripts that you get a sense of the pacing that a professional script has…’ A rich, full-length interview with acclaimed screenwriting teacher John Truby on the state of Hollywood, the market forces of filmmaking, and the keys to successful storytelling. If you … Read More

[Video]: How Screenwriters Make A Living

Screenwriting teacher John Truby talks bluntly about pitch slams, and how the film industry has changed in the last five years. Development funding, he cautions, is now rarely extended. Pitches alone aren’t the recipe for success. John instead argues that writers should focus on the simple rule: put it on the page. If you liked this, check out more videos … Read More


When the script and story gurus speak

Most ‘gurus’ each have their own area of expertise and angle of attack, they each follow their own agenda. And with every new light shed on the craft, different people may see that light. Don’t they ever contradict each other? And if they do, which truth do YOU choose? Screenwriting is a dynamic craft. What Syd Field wrote back in … Read More