Why Your Story’s Conflict Isn’t Working

Conflict is the life’s blood of fiction. Conflict means something’s happening. Conflict brings change. And there’s also the little matter of human nature’s voyeuristic fascination with other people’s confrontations. by K.M. Weiland “No conflict, no story” is a rule of fiction familiar to even the noobiest of noob writers. We’re told to pack in the conflict. Make sure there’s conflict … Read More

8 Signs Your Writing Is Stuck in a Rut

Laziness and fear—a writer’s two great nemeses—do their best to keep us stuck in the writing rut. by K.M. Weiland Usually, it’s a very comfortable rut. All our characters are down there with us, keeping us company, cooking up tea, playing chess, and just generally having a happy ol’ time. Life isn’t very difficult, since we never have to force … Read More


How to Use Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing is a necessary part of any well-executed story. And yet, despite all its prevalence and importance, it’s actually a concept that many authors have a hard time getting their minds around. by K.M. Weiland If we sift foreshadowing down to its simplest form, we could say that it prepares readers for what will happen later in the story. At … Read More